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M-61 Serum Pads – Vegan and Gluten Free


Bluemercury CEO and Co-Founder Marla Beck, announces the launch of M-61 Serum Pads and becomes the first brand to successfully offer consumers a serum in a pad delivery system.

M-61 Powerful Skincare®, launched in 2012 with eight products, including the PowerGlow Peel. The one-minute, one step treatment pad became a cult favorite, selling one every eight seconds.

“I set out to create a clean, clinical skincare line. M-61 Powerful Skincare’s vegan and gluten free formulas combine dermatologist-loved ingredients with vitamin-packed, high-performance naturals for maximum results in minimal time,” says Marla Beck. “Four years ago, I had a dream to create an entire skincare routine delivered in a pad format.”

While developing and perfecting the Serum Pad formulas and delivery system, Beck continued to launch new products in the pad format. PowerSpot, a blemish fighting treatment pad, hit the market in 2016, followed by Fast Blast and Perfect Cleansing Cloths in 2017. Beck’s latest innovation has created an entire new category in skincare.

“It took four years to fulfill my dreams of developing a moisturizer and Vitamin C in a pad! I am excited to break new ground with the Vitablast C™ Serum Pad. We have successfully stabilized a pure dose of 15% Vitamin C that does not oxidize. I chose to use a stabilized vitamin C to reap maximum benefits which include reducing the appearance of dark spots and fine lines, promoting a more even tone and boosting natural-recurring collagen synthesis, resulting in brighter, tighter, healthier-looking skin.

Our Hydraboost HA Serum Pad, was formulated to lock in moisture, amplify your skin’s naturally occurring hyaluronic levels, and is clinically proven to deliver up to 48 hours of hydration after one use.”

Each pad is individually wrapped and sealed for maximum freshness, while the innovative delivery system prevents oxidation and leakage, allowing each pad to provide a pure dose of active, ingredients to the skin.