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Best Wreath Boxes for Shipping

What are the best wreath boxes for shipping

What are the Best Wreath Boxes for Shipping?

If you create wreaths for the holiday seasons or simply want to ship one to a friend or family member, you will want the right size of box to keep your wreath protected and undamaged during shipping.

These boxes are designed with wreaths in mind.

There are various sized of boxes to match the size of your wreath. Simply click on the link to see the different sizes.


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Keeping Your Natural Wreath Fresh

Here are a few ways that you can have your fresh wreath and enjoy it as well by using a few simple tips that will help keep your wreath fresh longer.

Choose The Freshest Wreaths Possible

When choosing a holiday wreath, make sure that you take the time to check the wreath and make sure that it looks lush and green and has no dead or dying pine needles. The fresher the wreath is when you purchase it the longer it will stay fresh in your home.

Consider Mixed Wreaths

While most people want pine wreaths because of the aromatic smell, consider getting a mixed wreath that incorporates other great smells such as Eucalyptus and other fragrances. Mixed wreaths often stay fresher longer that do just pine wreaths and that way even if you lose some of the pine needles your wreath will still look good and fresh.

Keep Your Home Temperatures On The Cool Side

Keep your home temperature a little on the cool side. Holiday wreaths are made from plants that live in cooler temperatures and when they are in the warmer temperatures indoors they can deteriorate rather quickly. Turning your temperature down a few degrees will make your wreath last longer.

Try Hair Spray

As soon as you bring your wreath home give it a good coat of hair spray. Hair spray will help to hold the natural moisture in your wreath longer and will help prevent it from drying out. There are a variety of hair sprays on the market today that will not make your wreath sticky nor will they block the wonderful smells your wreath gives off. They will however, keep your wreath looking green and vibrant for a couple of days longer which may be well worth the effort.

Mist Daily

Another way of helping your fresh holiday wreath maintain its freshness is to mist the wreath daily with cool water. Don’t use water that is too warm or too cold, rather use water about the same temperature as the room it is hung in. That way your wreath can maintain moisture without being shocked by any large temperature difference.
Best wreath boxes for shipping any size of wreath