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10 Best Rated Household Squeegees Review

What is the best household squeegee on the market

What is the Best Household Squeegee?

Originally the best household squeegees were made out of brass because it was rust proof. Due to the fact the squeegee is constantly dealing with water, it was very important that the item does not rust.

But, brass is a relatively heavy metal so they started making squeegees out of stainless steel for those folks who have bigger jobs to do (all your windows). If you are buying your squeegee for the shower, then brass is still a great option for you.

Want to know how to wash a window properly?

Use a terry cloth to wipe down the frame of the window from dust and debris.

Get a bucket of water and add dish soap (you might want one of these special buckets for squeegees).

Wash the window.

The simple way is to glide your squeegee from left to right, wiping the blade on a clean terry cloth after each wipe).

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